Enter To Win A Walmart Gift Card From Walmart.com

Whether you like to shop online or you like to pay a visit to your local storefront, there's no denying that Walmart is a big part of your life. From Internet deals to store-wide sales, Walmart always looks to provide as many opportunities as possible for its loyal customers.

This mega corporation is always running Walmart customer surveys to collect information about what the people really think about them. If you've ever had an issue with Walmart, or you have a lot of great things to say about the store, or you just want to provide your two cents as a consumer, this survey is the perfect place to be heard.

Plus, you can win a free Walmart gift card ranging from $100 to $1000 just for taking part.

Interested in learning more? Want to participate in this survey? Keep reading to find out how you can win big!

Walmart Free Customer Survey: Overview

Website URL www.survey.walmart.com
Survey Receipt Valid For 1 Week
Name of Survey Walmart Customer Survey
Winners Receive Free Walmart Gift Card Between $100 and $1000
Regions Where Survey is Valid United States of America, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico
Available Languages English, Spanish
Walmart Survey Requirements Store# and your ID#
Age Limit 18+ Only

Why Is Walmart Running A Survey?

Walmart is choosing to have a customer feedback survey at this time because the company wants to hear from customers like you. Walmart thrives on customer feedback, so by participating in this survey, you are helping the higher-ups at Walmart decide what decisions should be made that will be more helpful to consumers in the future.

If you're a fan of Walmart shopping - or even if you aren't - this is a great opportunity to participate in a feedback survey while entering for a chance to win a free Walmart gift card. This is Walmart's little way of saying "thank you" for participating in their feedback experiences!

More About Walmart

Walmart's official name is Walmart, Inc. The multi-national retail company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962.

Walmart exterior

Walmart is one of the largest providers of supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores in the United States of America. In fact, according to Forbes, Walmart is the number one largest retail corporation in the world, even surpassing Amazon in revenue and in building expansion efforts. The company continues opening doors across the country and invites customers like you to be a part of its mall-like experience.

Survey Requirements, Rules, and Regulations

It is easier than ever to participate in Walmart's survey at survey.walmart.com! There are a few requirements in place for your protection, and to ensure that you are eligible to win all of the awesome gift card codes that Walmart has to offer.

The Requirements

  • A computer or smart device with reliable Internet connection
  • A recent receipt from your last trip to Walmart with an invitation code at the bottom for this survey
  • Your real email address

Once you have gathered the required items, you are ready to move on to the next step! You're that much closer to winning your free Walmart $1000 gift card.

Unfortunately, there are some rules and regulations in place that you must follow in order to be eligible for the survey. Don't worry, though, all regulations are easy to meet, and you can always reach out to us if you have questions or concerns!

The Regulations

  • You must be a resident of the US, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be fluent in English or Spanish.
  • If you are a Walmart employee or related to a Walmart employee, you cannot take the survey.

What Are The Survey Prizes For Winners?

Let's talk prizes! Everyone who participates and completes this free Walmart survey is automatically entered for a chance to win one of the following:

  • Grand Prize x5: $1000 Walmart Gift Card
  • First Place Prize x750: $100 Walmart Gift Card

Want a chance to win a gift card that you can spend on anything in Walmart stores, both in-person and online? Then what are you waiting for? The survey is up and running now!

5 Steps To Get A Free Walmart Gift Card

While it's easy to get started, the process can still look a little complicated when you are looking at it for the first time. That's why we created a simple, step-by-step guide to help you through the entire survey process. Follow these tips to get started.

👉 Step 1: Make a Walmart Purchase

In order to be invited to participate in the survey, you will need to make a purchase at your local Walmart store. Make sure you hold onto the receipt! The bottom of the receipt will have a code and an invitation to take the survey.

👉 Step 2: Visit The Survey Website

The receipt will tell you to visit www.survey.walmart.com to begin your survey. You should see a page similar to the pictured screenshot below.

The website will ask you to find the ID# and ST# on your receipt. You can also choose between English and Spanish on this page.

👉 Step 3: Enter Your Information

You'll be prompted to put in the store # and the ID # listed on your receipt. Based on the image below, the website will provide an example letting you know exactly where you can locate this information on the receipt.

👉 Step 4: Answer Survey Questions

After you have successfully entered the correct information from your receipt, you will begin the survey. All you need to do is answer a short series of questions regarding your customer service experience during your last Walmart visit. You'll be asked to rate your overall satisfaction with your store visit, and there will be follow-up questions asking you why you chose that specific rating.

👉 Step 5: Wait For Results!

As soon as you complete the survey, you will be automatically entered into the pool to win one of the prizes. You don't need to take extra steps to enter the sweepstakes; as long as you have provided the correct information on the receipt, as well as your email address, you will be entered for a chance to win one of the free Walmart gift cards!

Walmart Customer Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having trouble locating the information on your Walmart receipt, or you need assistance answering the questions, Walmart Customer Care representatives are here to help. The following FAQs can help clear up any doubts you might still have about this survey:

⏩ Can I still participate if I don't have a Walmart receipt?

Yes! There are a few ways you can participate in the survey without a receipt. You can click here to start the survey online, or you can write a postcard to the mail-in sweepstakes address. All you need to do is write your full name, address, phone number, and birthday and mail the postcard to the following address:

2024 Walmart Sweepstakes, PO Box 228, Macedon, NY, 14502

Enjoy these two alternative ways to participate in the sweepstakes without a receipt!

⏩ How do I claim my free Walmart gift card if I am declared a winner?

If you are chosen as one of the 750 first-place winners or one of the 5 grand-prize winners, congratulations!! Walmart will be in contact with you. You simply need to provide proof of your identity in order to claim your prize.

⏩ What are the limits of the survey?

The limits of entry and prize details are as follows:

  • There is a limit of one prize per person or household.
  • If you are writing in via postcard, there is a limit of one per person.
  • Each entrant can only enter 78 times.
  • If you are a winner, you must provide a real address as well as valid ID before you can claim your prize.

Contacting Walmart Customer Care

If you need to get in touch with a Walmart customer representative for any reason, it is easy to reach out. Below, you'll find information for the Walmart Customer Care department:

Address: Walmart Stores, Inc. 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716

Phone: 1-800-925-6278

URL: help.walmart.com

Enter The Survey For Your Chance To Win Big!

The Walmart customer experience survey is currently up and running. If you're going to be shopping at Walmart soon, make sure you hold on to that receipt so you can enter for your chance to win a free Walmart gift card! Win prizes of $100 or $1000 just by answering some questions about your user experience. Get started now, and find out how easy it is to use survey.walmart.com in a matter of minutes!